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Weekend Homework #2

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Every Friday, I post homework. Stuff you can read, so you can exercise that lumpy ol' brain of yours that's been put through the gauntlet from too many years of television. The goal is to help you become more informed about the things that really matter, since we obviously can't trust the corporate media anymore. While ABC News is reporting on breaking news about the safety of your pet, the democrats in the House are actually trying to hold the Bush administration accountable for the laws it's broken. So take a few minutes and check these out:

The Great Healthcare Debate - Read about (or listen to) the debate between Rep. Vukmir and Dr. Robert Kraig.

"The Candidate of Permanent Will" - David Sirota's newest column about Hillary Clinton's backing of NAFTA.

Contractor Immunity? - 100,000+ contractors in Iraq and not a single crime committed? That's because they have immunity and can't be prosecuted. There have also allegedly been numerous rapes by KBR employees, all shoved under the table thanks to arbitration agreements.

"A Crisis of Faith" - Article by Paul Krugman, a great economist and tough liberal. 

The Candidates Speak - Watch all of the candidates speak to the Journal-Sentinel editorial board on a variety of issues. Hardly any reading involved!



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