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Canadian Healthcare

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Now that Ralph Nader has officially thrown his hat into the race, Universal Healthcare is going to become a more prevalent issue, primarily because Nader favors a Medicare-based approach while Obama and Clinton have put forth differing plans that do not offer any sort of true Universal Healthcare program. A lot of conservatives are going to start talking about the Canadian Healthcare system to fight against Nader's remarks (which may influence Obama's remarks as well). The reason conservatives attack the Canadian healthcare system is because Canada's universal system is new, and flawed (like any system, arguably), but what's so remarkable about this argument is even with all of its problems, the percentage of Canadians who favor scrapping the system never exceeds single-digit numbers.

In fact, there's a very good chance a lot of what you hear about the Canadian system is systematically false, especially when compared with a privatized system like what we have in the United States. To learn more, I present you an article by Sara Robinson, who has dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Canada. Who better to explain both systems than a person experiences both on a regular basis?

Click here to read her article. 

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