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Sean Penn is an Idiot

2001, biodiesel, biofuels, climate progress, diesel, environmentalism, food prices, gasoline, idiot, President Bush, sean penn

Sure, Sean Penn's a great actor, but when it comes to other issues, he's about as dense as granite (that means "very" if Sean Penn happens to be reading this). He's going around the country as we speak talking about the wonders of biofuels.

Biofuels are nothing to write home about. At the stage they're currently in, they're not very energy efficient and they have a tendency to drive up the costs of other food-based products. Is there potential? Absolutely. In fact, with the right funding, biodiesel can become a true competitive commodity. But not right now. Right now, biodiesel is not a good option.

What Sean Penn should be doing is going around the country and highlighting all of the clean energy technology we already have available that's already efficient enough to be put into use. In addition to a number of cars running on hybrid batteries and offering superior fuel efficiency, there's plenty of options available that can be implemented immediately and will have no effect on the cost of food.

Still, the cost of food is going to rise. When you have an entire farming industry running on gasoline and diesel fuel, and the prices of both have tripled since 2001, everyone is going to suffer. Except the wealthiest one percent, of course. Because they have plenty of tax breaks.


Ken Brosky 

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