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A Funny Climate Change Quote

CEI, climate change, competitive enterprise institute, global warming, inhofe 400, ken brosky, science

I thought I'd share this from ClimateProgress, which happened to find a rather humorous quote from the Competitive Enterprise Institute's newsletter, which attempted to demonize global warming in its typical fashion. In the newsletter, the CEI said:

"A scientist who says that the atmosphere is warming, and cites certain physical processes, is still a scientist. A scientist who argues that people must take certain acts to avoid disaster has become a priest."

The scientist at ClimateProgress--yes, an actual scientist, unlike the "Expert" writing the CEI newsletter--attempted to re-phrase this from a medical standpoint:

In other words, “A doctor who diagnoses your diabetes using medical tests is still a doctor. A doctor who tells you to exercise, change your diet, monitor glucose levels, and/or take insulin to avoid acute complications has become a priest.”

Humorous, to no end. The writer of the CEI's newsletter has made similar ridiculous statements, including one regarding the "Inhofe 400." Remember how easy it was to debunk that one?


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