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Blago the King

Blago, congress, illinois, obama, Ron Burris, senate, sunlight laws

Boy, does Illinois governor Blagojevich love being a dastardly character. Let's face it: the evidence doesn't look good in his favor. While I'm all for the "innocent until proven guilty" (and am actually surprised at how much he's been demonized even in our modern day society), I think the fact that he was literally BRAGGING on tape even after he knew he was being investigated is really what makes people despise him so much. And rightfully so, if he's guilty.

But holy smokes! I've got to admit, this guy's got the fortitude of a dictator. Seriously. Not only does he get caught bragging and REFUSE to step down, he goes ahead and appoints a guy to the Senate anyway! Not only that, he appoints a guy who has no hope of re-election, pretty much screwing over the Democratic Party in the process.

So now what? What else is the crazy fella going to do before he's torn apart by Patrick Fitzgerald? It's actually pretty fun to watch, as unfortunate as it may be for the state of Illinois. Ah, they've got Obama to brag about, at least.

Would more sunlight laws help? Probably. Would public financing help? Probably. But the fact of the matter is that Blagojevich wanted to profit from his position as a public servant. It would be nice to see someone step in during the next gubernatorial election and promote public service that puts the people first and temporarily suspends personal profit. There are people out there who would like that, right?



Update: Sorry for missing a few months, loyal readers, but Graduate School has taken a front seat in life for the time being. 

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