Facebook- I'm just not that into you.

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High school.  

What memories do you have of those infamous 4 years?  

For me, high school was so-so.   I attended a notoriously cliquey suburban WI high school, and it lived up to all of it's expectations.  I wasn't in the "cool" group, wasn't in the "dorky" or "jock" group, I guess I was a part of the masses who are somewhere in the middle.  I didn't love it, didn't necessarily hate it, but definitely have no desire to relive any of the moments over again.  In fact, I have cautiously avoided all of my reunions because honestly, there's noone there that I really want to see.  I'm comfortable with where I am in my life now, and those I choose to share it with.

Hence my most recent dilemma.  Last week my husband decided to create a Facebook account.  Now, for those of you 25 and younger who are reading this I'm sure this is a completely normal occurrence in your life.  However, in my life, this is rather unusual.  I always assumed that Facebook and myspace were for teenage kids, famous people, those seeking 15 minutes of fame, porn stars, and old men trolling for 14 year old girls to meet at the mall.  I couldn't think of a reason why a 30 something, hardworking, busy adult would need a page on one of these sites.   Apparently I was completely wrong.

So I received an invitation to be a "friend" of my husband's on his Facebook page, but in order to view it (and, ensure that any photos he posted of me were flattering), I needed to join.  Fine, I thought, what's the big deal?  A few minutes and several painless questions later I had my own Facebook account.  I started to feel young and hip- "Yeah, that's right, I'm still on top of technology.  I'm cool," I thought to myself.  And the next thing I know, it's offering to show me all sorts of people from my high school who also have facebook accounts. "Really?"  Curiousity got the best of me, and I soon started browsing through the list, looking at who was "Facebook friends" with who.  Here's the thing- it's the same situation as high school, just now in cyberspace!  Why would I want to do this?  Am I socially inept because I don't find Facebook thrilling?  It actually makes me kind of uncomfortable.  I don't like the idea of petitioning someone to be my "friend", only to have to sit back and wait for them to accept me.  Nor do I really like having to make that decision about others.  It's like the first day of school all over again.

I really just want to delete the account and call it quits.  I'm too busy to try and be popular in cyberspace- heck, I'm too busy to try and be popular in real life.  I'm pretty happy being me.  But there is a side of me that thinks I should keep the account and conduct an informal experiment, to see if my social expectations are confirmed or proved wrong.  Will it always break down along clicque boundaries?  Will someone unexpected offer me a virtual olive branch as a sign of cyber unity?  What do you think?

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