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President Bush Announces 3 Trillion Dollar Budget

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3 Trillion Dollar Budget

This week President Bush announced he was introducing a 3 trillion dollar plus national budget. Do you have any idea how much 3 trillion dollars is?

I for one did not have a clue so I set out on a fact finding mission to try and put into perspective just how much a trillion dollars is.

First off I withdrew one million in $100 bills from my savings account. That was the first million I earned in life. The tellers were shocked and so was my wife.

I learned if you stack 1 million $100 bills on each other that stack is 4 feet tall. Doing the math I learned one billion $100 bills stacked on each other would be 4,000 feet tall. ONE TRILLION $100 bills stacked on each other would be 789 miles tall.

Put another way, 1 trillion $100 bills stacked on each other is equivalent to 144 Mt . Everest’s stacked on each other. Three trillion $100 bills stacked on each other would stretch from the east coast to the west coast of the USA!

OK, now that you have an idea of what 1 trillion dollars is let’s try and figure out how long it would take the average person to spend it. If you spent $1,000 a day it would take you just over 2.7 million years to spend one trillion dollars.

I used to get flabbergasted when the government spent billions of dollars a year on the annual budget. Now I am total blown out of the water when I think of the government spending 3 trillion dollars a year to run this country. What are your thoughts on this (besides saying I have too much free time on my hands to figure out this stuff)?


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