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Motorcycles out in force

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This past weekend the motorcycles were out in force. I must have counted over 100 riders this past weekend enjoying themselves on our highways.

Being a former Motorcycle Sergeant with the Milwaukee Police Department, I cannot tell you how many thousands of miles I logged on each season. Nor, can I tell you the number of times some knucklehead turned into my lane or pulled out in front of me because in their words "I didn't see you." Because of my training and experience I was fortunate, I was able to take the proper evasive action to avoid a collision.

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Milwaukee Police Launch You Tube Site

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Below is an email I received to help solve crime in the city. Consider watching a few videos, you may be able to help solve a crime or two.

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Remember 2 fallen Marine Warriors

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Marine Corporal Richard J Nelson 

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HR 5868 - Retain Those Warriors with Combat Related Disabilities


With the difficulty in obtaining good recruits, the high costs and long lead times of training them, I strongly urge urge you write your Congress person to co-sponsor HR 5868, the Martin-Dodson Act, submitted by Rep. Steve Pearce, on April 22.

Where the DoD currently discharges or retirees those with disabilities, HR 5868 would permit active duty regulars and active status reservists to with combat-related disabilities to elect retention rather than separation or retirement.  They would have the further option of transfer to non-combat related specialties. 

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Support for Sole Survivors who are voluntarily discharged from the Armed Service



I urge you write your legislator to cosponsor S 2874, the Hubbard Act, introduced by Sen. Diane Feinstein on April 16.  This legislation is important to our Armed Forces and to their families.

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Remember Fallen Cudahy Warrior Army Spc. Steven J. Christofferson

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