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The Presidents Response

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Dear Mr. President:

 My name is Melissa and I need your help.

 I am a young woman trying to make ends meet in today’s tough economic climate. I have some bills that need to be paid. I fell behind in some of my bills. I made a choice, food and shelter or be cold and hungry. I choose to eat and be warm.

 I fell behind on some of my bills and incurred about $1,500.00 in debt.  A few creditors are calling for the money. I try the best I can to make payments but at times; I cannot make all the payments. 

Mr. President, I have been following the economic bailout you provided to multimillion-dollar companies and banks. Bank and big corporation CEO’s are still getting their multimillion dollar salaries and the companies getting millions of dollars to stay in business, all financed by tax payers dollars. 

 I would like to know if I could get just $1,500 of that money to help bailout me out of my financial crises. I look forward to your reply.





 Ms. Melissa:

 I received your letter and read it carefully. I gave allot of thought to how things were when I was young. Let me explain and make a few suggestions.

 While it is true we are bailing out companies in tough financial circumstances, we did it to help stabilize the economy. Yes, the companies CEO still get their salaries and do so to maintain the lifestyle they are used to.

 Unfortunately, there is no money left for you or any other person in your situation. That money was earmarked for large businesses that made poor business decisions, not the common folk trying to make a go of it.

Perhaps you could try to see if someone in your family can loan you some money. Perhaps you could get help from a retired grand parent on a fixed income.  Alternatively, your parents or a title loan company may be of assistance.

 There are many companies out their willing to help bail you out in your economic crises. Unlike the government, no strings attached loan program, others may have some strings attached to make sure you pay them back. That is business.  

Sorry I could not help you but maybe my suggestions will help lighten the load for you.


The President  

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