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Military Survivor Benifits May Be Cut

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 If you agree, copy and and send off to the Honorable Gwen Moore

The Honorable Gwen Moore
House of Representatives
Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-4904
Re: Support HR 917 To Provide Health Care to Surviving Spouses
Dear Representative Moore:

Spouses of service members killed in combat or who later die because of combat injuries would receive free lifetime military health care under a bill introduced by Representative Brett Guthrie (KY) on February 9.


Under current law, the surviving spouse of those killed in combat continues to receive active duty health care benefits for three years. After that time limit, the spouse continues to have coverage but is charged the same fees and co-pays as retirees. Dependent children receive free health care until age 21, or age 23 if they are full time college students and remain unmarried.HR 917 only applies to the surviving spouse. The current rules remain unchanged for dependent children.


Please do the right thing and cosponsor HR 917. Urge your colleagues to do the same.
Don P Jensen
Sergeant USMC 73-79

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