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Veterans Compensation Needed Now

marine, military, solider, veteran

Please consider supporting our veterans by sending a letter to the President. Feel free to copy this letter and send it off today!


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Medicare "Doc Fix It" Problem

children, family, father, marine, military, solider

Over the past two years I have sent letters to the President. NOT ONE  of them has ever been answered. I now publish the letters hoping you will copy them and send one too.

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MPD Police Chiefs Office Burglarized

Bay View, home safety, humor, MPD, police

Sources on the Milwaukee Police Department leaked information about a recent theft. Police Chief Flynn's toilet was stolen from his personal bathroom sometime over the weekend. The Chief was further outraged because they took his personal stash of Scott toilet paper too. One cannot blame him for being outraged. After all, it is the Police Headquarters and it had to be an inside job.

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