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What I Like

Dave lives in Bay View and is a graduate student at Marquette University. He is a student of politics and history, a skeptic, optimist, and writer, among other things.

Why a New Arena Tax Might Not be a Bad Idea

NBA, Bucks, sales tax, tax, Walker, Kohl, Bradley Center, Sheehy, MMAC

Recently, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce President Tim Sheehy suggested that the 0.10% Miller Park stadium sales tax be extended to fund an eventual replacement for the Bradley Center, which is among the oldest arenas in the NBA.

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If You'd Like to Make a Call, Do It Soon

walker, telephone, regulation, AT&T

My AT&T cell phone doesn’t really work in my house. If I lean against the rear window I can usually make a call, but I am often not leaning against the rear window.

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I Like Wetlands Without Concrete in Them

walker, wetlands, jobs, regulation, johnson

So this is what being open for business looks like.

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Ron Johnson: Reasonable and Pragmatic or Crazy and Wrong?

johnson, senate, feingold, taxes, global warming

 If you’ve turned on a television during the past couple of months, you’ve seen Ron Johnson, the Oshkosh businessman running against Russ Feingold for the U.S. Senate, wandering around a cold, white, windowless infinity.

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I Like Summer in Milwaukee

summer, golf, brewers, smoking, bars, smoking ban, milwaukee

I considered leaving this space blank and considering that no one could disagree with my title, but I watched the San Francisco broadcast of the Giants/Brewers game on Monday (don’t ask), and the announcers made fun of how fat people in Milwaukee are, the way we talk, and the city’s affinity for bowling. These are things that we can make fun of, of course, but they seemed harsh coming from and among outsiders. They must not have known that I would be watching their broadcast.

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