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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

The 94th Annual Washington Banquet

                    The Inter-Organizational  Council  of Bay View  presents:

                                            THE   94TH    ANNUAL

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Humboldt Park Watch Meeting -- Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There will be a meeting of the Humboldt Park Watch on Tuesday, February 10, 2009. The meeting will be held in the park pavilion at 7 PM.  Ruth Simos is the group President and invites all interested people to attend the meeting. There will be a discussion on old and new business. The Easter Egg Hunt will be planned for the children of Bay View. We could use some more volunteers to help us and give their input into our park watch meetings. Please come and support Humboldt Park and the Bay View community.

How much do you remember about the past ?

How far back does your memory take you?  Can you remember World War II ? Can you remember the Korean War ? Can you remember the Great Depression ?  Can you remember when food was rationed ?  Do you remember in the 1970's when gasolene was rationed and prices were frozen ?  Do you remember the 1950's and Rock and Roll ? Do you remember the anti-war movement of the 1960's and 1970's ? Do you remember when television was begun on Channel 3 ( WTMJ-TV ) ?

It is interesting to talk to people and learned what they remember of the past and what they were doing then. An example is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Another example is the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon who was facing impeachment. In the 1960's, we sent our first astronauts into space. In the 1960's, we established open housing and integration. In the 1950's, automatic transmissions were becoming common on cars. In the 1940's, car heaters were becoming standard equipment on cars.  Many of our military vehicles never had heaters inside of them.

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2009 Bay View Bash Kickoff Meeting -- March 5, 2009

 In hope that everyone has had a well deserved break since the 2008 BAY VIEW BASH --- and even more importantly, that everyone is ready to do it all over again ---

 We will be holding the 2009 Bay View Bash Kickoff Meeting

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Humboldt Park 4th of July Association needs your help

The Humboldt Park 4th of July Association is looking for a few good people to become involved in their organization. You can volunteer as much time as you want. We meet on the first Wednesday in March, April and May and every Wednesday in June. The meeting starts at 7 PM in the Humboldt Park Pavilion. You don't have to attend any meetings to be involved. We need help with the 9:00 AM  morning parade, shuttle drivers for the parade, line-up people for the parade, help distribute ice cream after the parade at 9:30 AM, at 11:00 AM help with the children's games and help with the afternoon parade with the children at 12:30 PM.

The Humboldt Park 4th of July Association was established 99 years ago in 1910 and we want to see this Independence Day celebration continue forever. If you can help in any way, please contact our President at 414-744-7095 or see our web page at HumboldtPark4th of You can also contact me at 414-304-5039 or e-mail  if you have any questions.

Dangerous new construction

Do not build  condos on the site of the old U.S. Army Base at 2372 S. Logan Ave. In recent times we have read of a building in Waukesha that was sinking and having many gas leaks as a result. It was built on the site of a landfill. In Milwaukee, we read about a house exploding due to a major gas leak. If we build on the site of Deer Creek Lake, which is now a landfill area, we could face the same problem in the future on this site.

Anna Passante, in her research for a story on Deer Creek for the Bay View Compass Newspaper, turned up some beautiful maps and photos of the area. Where the U.S. Army Base was and where Beulah Brinton Community Center is on the edge of Deer Creek Lake. During the 1880's, the Village Board of Bay View condemned Deer Creek Lake as a health hazzard, and ordered it be filled in. The photos show the lake to be 200 feet wide and going from E. Potter Ave. to E. Lincoln Ave. The bridge in the one photo was the one in which the strikers crossed on their way to the Bay View Rolling Mill in May of 1886. The map in the other photo shows the size of Deer Creek Lake and its access to Lake Michigan next to the Bay View Rolling Mill. The web sites are:

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Happy St. Valentine's Day to you all

Now is the time to tell your mate that you love them. Show your love in many ways. Take them out to dinner and then to a movie, play or dancing. Cook them a special meal to honor them. Love is a 24/7 days effort. We should show our love in any way that pleases them. Once in a while do something different. Suggest going out somewhere. If you have children, give your mate a chance to a day by themself without having the children around. Make your daily work special. and think of your mate and family while working. The more things that you do together as a family, the closer knit you become. Prepare your children to survive in the future by showing them how you do things. Encourage them to be creative. Set an example by your actions for them to use in their future. Do not be afraid to express yourself. Most of all have a happy St. Valentine's Day with your loved ones.

Help wanted --- volunteers needed for many local groups

If you have ever noticed, many of our traditional groups like scouts, veterans groups, park watch groups, historical groups, parade organization groups, Lion's Clubs, lodges, church groups and others are sorely in need of younger new members. In the past we had many great organizations to do all of the volunteer work in the area. Now the volunteers are getting older, and new blood and input is needed to keep them alive for future generations to enjoy. Some things are out of date, but your input and advice could change that to a modern thinking process. While we admire the past, these groups may fade from our sight if we do not do something about helping them out. Take the time to visit some of these groups in action and see if you can offer them input and help. Nobody has all of the knowledge, but together we can form a tightly knit group open to all interested people and new ideas. Please support the Bay View community and be a part of it.

Here is a listing of some favorite Polish songs

At Polish Melodies in MIDI Format  you can find a list of favorite Polish songs. Many times when we would enjoy to hear Polish music, we do not know where to find it or its web site. Listening to music in another language can be very interesting. There are hymns, folk music, polkas, Jewish music and other varieties of Polish music here. You can play the title and music without words will come on. We sometimes forget that our ancesters came from other countries. By playing this type of music, you can travel in your mind to a different location and relax. There are other web sites for German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Lithuanian, Latin and other music of other countries. Go to this web site and relax while you listen like your ancesters did years ago.

Look up web site: Polish Melodies in MIDI Format

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Here are some German folk songs to listen to

Since I gave you the list of Polish songs to listen to, I felt that you also could listen to some German folk songs. Many people in this area came from a region in Europe with either German or Polish backrounds. As you have noticed, much of the food here that is classified as Polish and German are actually of both nationalities. Around the year 1880, much of our city records were written in both German and English. Because the Germans occupied part of Poland, many immigrants who spoke German were called Germans, even though they were Czech or Polish in reality. Pilsner beer began in the Czech region of Europe. Also the Polka began here. The part of Germany where my ancesters came from in Pommerania, is now part of Poland. Although I am of German descent, I greatly respect the Polish nation and its people. As an officer of Polish Women's Alliance of America, I have been introduced to more Polish customs and traditions. My wife comes from a Polish backround, but also a German backround. Her Grandfather came from Pozan, in Poland. Stettin, Danzig and Pozan form a triangle. Many of the early settlers that came here from Germany were from Pommerania. They were commonly called the "Old Lutherans", because they refused to obey the German ruler's decree that the Reformed Church was to be the  state church of Germany. Many early Lutheran pastors were placed in prison for refusing to preach the Reformed Church doctrines.Therefore many of these "Old Lutherans" came here to our area to gain their freedom. Here they could worship as they pleased and not by the rules of the German leader.  When these people came here they also formed a twin city of Milwaukee. This twin city is Buffalo, New York. The land where Pommerania existed had been occupied at one time by the Swedes, Lithuanians, Finns and possibly by Russia. Hitler's dream of a pure nordic people was total nonsense. This area of Europe is the mixture of many people of different backrounds. I hope that you will enjoy listening to some German folk music.

E 20,000 volkslieder German and other folk songs

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Giving the Lake Express Car Ferry riders access to Milwaukee County

Have you noticed that there is currently no bus service for passengers of the Car Ferry in Bay View. The Lincoln Avenue Bus Line has its eastern end of the line near E. Lincoln Avenue and S. Bay Street. If this end of the bus line could be extended to the Car Ferry Terminal during its daily operations, this would give the people access to the City of Milwaukee and nearby areas of Milwaukee County. Tourism for Bay View, Milwaukee and the Southshore communities would greatly increase. By using a transfer, a passenger could ride our buses almost everywhere in the area. There are certainly enough people that ride the car ferry to make it worthwhile for the County Bus System to extend that bus line there. We always say support Milwaukee, but tourism in not possible without a connecting bus service to the car ferry terminal. Please contact your county supervisor and request an extension of the Lincoln Avenue Bus Line to the Car Ferry Terminal. Tourism could create more jobs for the people. This would be a win-win situation for all of us. A possible route for the bus extension is south on S. Bay Street to E. Russell Avenue. E. Russell Avenue east until S. Lincoln Memorial Drive. Stop at the U.S. Coast Guard Base and the U.S. Navy & Marine Reserve Building and end at the Lake Express Car Ferry Terminal. The sailors from the Great Lakes ships can pick up the bus at the car ferry terminal to travel by bus to the city. Please consider getting the Lincoln Avenue Bus Route extended to the Lake Express Car Ferry  Terminal.

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny --- March 29, 2009

                    BREAKFAST   WITH    THE    EASTER      BUNNY

                                   Date: Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Celebrate Milwaukee Slovak Heritage


                                                   with the

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Learning to cook as a child

I came from a large family with six children Five girls and myself made up the children. When we were in early grade school, we all had to learn how to cook, wash dishes, change diapers of the younger one, scrub floors and steps, vacuum the house or beat the rugs outside in spring, wash clothes, clean up the house in general, and do to other chores. If did not matter if you were a girl or a boy, we all had to learn these things. If we wanted a snack after school, we would make hot chocolate. You would boil milk or water and add Bosco, Ovaltine, Hershey's Chocolate syrup to make our drink. We learned how to make pancakes, french toast, omelets, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, farina or Cream of Wheat all with a hand mixer. This is while we were in early grade school. As the years went on, we learned better recipes and methods of cooking. Making cupcakes or cakes was always fun. If you used a cordial brandy, you could create,orange, cherry, cherry almond, white chocolate, maple or other such flavors in your cake and/or frostings. In the beginning we used flour and baking soda to make these, but as time went on we used cake mixes as a lazy shortcut. Pancakes were made with flour, several eggs, milk and sometimes flavors. As kids we would try to create unique shapes as we fried the pancakes. Bisquick later was developed and some ingredients were no longer needed. Special coffee cakes were designed by us to enjoy. Our parents were both good cooks, but my dad made the best meals. Some of the beef my mother cooked could qualify as shoe leather.

When I hear about somebody needing to learn how to use a hand mixer, I just laughed at this. When a mill worker made this comment, I just thought about the past. My children and grand-children have knowledge of how to use a hand mixer and how to boil water. They all know how to cook. When the schools have special education classes, these children are also taught how to cook for themselves. This is to make them self-sufficient in life. As hard as life was as a child, the lessons learned have lasted for a lifetime. We never had money, but we also never starved. All of us children were made to be independent so if either or both parents passed on, we could survive on our own. Now I wonder how many children have been taught enough to face life alone if need be. Although we have the  knowledge to survive, we also have learned to share our skills with our mates and work together as a team. Either person could do the housework at any time. Sharing the work load makes for a good marriage. If you love somebody enough, you will be glad to help them in any need that they have in life. This is how you set an example to your children and grand-children when they come. Marriage is a two way street in which each partner gives his/her all to the other partner. Please  cherish your mate and give them a hug and enjoy the day with them. We have been married for over 42 years. Each year our love grows stronger as we age. As the Polish say:"Sto Lat".  Have a long and happy life.  Treat each day as the gift of the Lord and live accordingly.

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