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An Author's Perspective

Featuring new fiction from Ken Brosky and author authors, as well as occasional political commentary whenever something really important happens. But mostly fiction.

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A new book for a new year!

ken brosky, writing, short stories, books, amazon, fiction, literature, local, bay view, milwaukee, wisconsin, author

I haven't blogged in awhile now, mainly because I've been teaching AND trying to put together a collection of my published short stories. The collection, published with the help of Brew City Press's dedicated volunteers, includes 10 previously published short stories and one previously unpublished short story. 9 of the short stories in this collection were written in a little apartment building right down on Kinnickinnic Avenue.

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Oh, Those Pesky Unions

wisconsin, unions, scott walker, madison protest, regulation, recession, pension funds, state workers, protests, wisconsin rally, wisconsin republicans, wisconsin democrats

A couple stray observations regarding this whole argument over collective bargaining:

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Scott Walker Just Doesn't Get It

governor walker, high-speed rail, wisconsin, hiawatha, train money, stimulus funds

I'm not even going to comment on the U.S. Senate race. I think it's pretty clear how stupid we as a state were in electing Ron Johnson. That'll play out pretty much like you'd expect.

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Recommend Russ Feingold!

Russ feingold, vote, elections 2010, ron johnson for senate, congress, senate, wisconsin, vote for russ, save russ feingold

Your job is to save Senator Russ Feingold. And the only way to do that is to get out your contacts list today and tomorrow and recommend Russ Feingold for senate. Call people. Send TEXT MESSAGES. It doesn't matter. Just find one person you know who wasn't planning on voting and send them a text:

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An Open Letter to the Angry

russ feingold, vote for russ feingold, ron johnson, gop, patriot act, election 2010, voting, lost decade, balanced budgets, deficit

This is to everyone who's fed up, upset, angered, jobless, frustrated:

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