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Featuring new fiction from Ken Brosky and author authors, as well as occasional political commentary whenever something really important happens. But mostly fiction.

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A Pity

alaska, bristol palin, conservative, levi johnson, sarah palin

 How much does it suck to be Levi Johnson right now? Probably a bunch. Levi's the lucky fella who knocked up the Alaska Governor's daughter, Bristol.

*Cue the shotgun wedding*

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Blago the King

Blago, congress, illinois, obama, Ron Burris, senate, sunlight laws

Boy, does Illinois governor Blagojevich love being a dastardly character. Let's face it: the evidence doesn't look good in his favor. While I'm all for the "innocent until proven guilty" (and am actually surprised at how much he's been demonized even in our modern day society), I think the fact that he was literally BRAGGING on tape even after he knew he was being investigated is really what makes people despise him so much. And rightfully so, if he's guilty.

But holy smokes! I've got to admit, this guy's got the fortitude of a dictator. Seriously. Not only does he get caught bragging and REFUSE to step down, he goes ahead and appoints a guy to the Senate anyway! Not only that, he appoints a guy who has no hope of re-election, pretty much screwing over the Democratic Party in the process.

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author, books, newsradio, translation

 This is a good example of why authors should NEVER, NEVER have their books translated into Japanese, then translated back into English. Got it? If you ever decide to write a book, leave the translations alone and just stick with the original English version!

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PTSD and Tetris

iraq, post-traumatic stress disorder, ptsd, stress, tetris, trauma

I think this is pretty important, given how few options we have for immediate treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to a new study, playing Tetris following a traumatic event can actually reduce the flashbacks one has following said event. Yes, that's right: playing a video game could actually be used to help soldiers and others suffering from a traumatic event.

It sounds strange, but as I was listening to Thom Hartmann's program, he attempted to explain it in lay person's terms to provide some more insight. A while back, he wrote a book called "Walking Your Blues Away," and he cited evidence that the actual motion of moving from side to side, or from moving your eyes from side to side and up and down, can actually reduce stress to a certain extent and/or provide the brain with the necessary stimulation that will essentially combat the Post-Traumatic Stress of any sort.

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