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Another chance on Telecom Immunity

appeals court, authoritarian, barack obama, Bush, campaign lies, chief justice, congress, conservatives, corporations, free market, government, impeach, liberals, neoliberals, President Bush, reagan, republican, republicans, right wing, telecom immunity, telecommunications, telecommunications act, washington post

Telecommunications companies do NOT deserve retroactive immunity for breaking the law just because the Bush Administration needed to spy on us illegally. Let me tell you something flat out: Telecom companies have PLATOONS of lawyers whose sole job is to determine what is legal and what is illegal. FISA was set up to provide Telecom Companies with a legal way of cooperating with the government. If the Telecom companies STILL need retroactive immunity even with all of these aspects already implemented, then there is NO DOUBT they broke the law with the help of the Bush Administration.

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Condi Rice and Osama bin Laden

9/11, 9/11 investigation, barack obama, campaign lies, chief justice, congress, conservative, conservatives, dick cheney, economy, government, greg palast, liberals, neoliberals, president, President Bush, presidential race, reagan, republicans, secretary rice, september 11, smear campagin, war, war in iraq

What's the connection between the two, you ask? Well, for starters, they're both extremely incompetent. Make no mistake about it, Osama bin Laden is an egomaniac with relatively low intelligence when it comes to terrorism (he was NOT the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. He funded them and gave his "blessing," and little else). To learn more about just how fallible al-Qaeda truly is, I suggest you pick up a copy of The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright. The book outlines al-Qaeda's history and the history of modern Islamic extremism as well as the tactics that have been used by multiple intelligence agencies in attempting to track it and/or put a stop to it. A great book, to be sure.

But what does this have to do with Secretary of State Condi Rice? Turns out quite a lot. Because when Rice was the national security adviser, it was her job to brief the president on emails like "Bin Laden Determined to Strike  in U.S." According to a new book coming out by New York Times Reporter Philip Shenon, Rice was more interested in playing the role of supportive wife to President Bush rather than actually attempt to do her job in a responsible manner. If this sounds slightly malicious, you're right--when our national security adviser receives DAILY reports of al-Qaeda's attempts to carry out a terrorist strike against U.S. civilian targets, it should at the VERY least be taken moderately seriously.

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Live From Darfur ...!

air america radio, charlie sykes, conservative radio, darfur, genocide, journal sentinel, liberal talk radio, liberals, mark belling, sudan, thom hartmann

... It's Thom Hartmann! Yes, that's right: Air America Radio's most popular liberal radio host is going to be broadcasting LIVE from Darfur this Friday. Unfortunately, those living in Milwaukee know better than most just how horrible it can be to be stuck with nothing for blow-hard conservatives on the radio (Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes, just to name a few). The good news? You can listen to Thom Hartmann for FREE just by going to Here are the details:

 When: Friday, from 11am to 2pm.

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Weekend Homework #4

9/11, air america radio, books, Bush, congress, conservative, conservative radio, conservatives, corporate, corporations, darfur, dick cheney, economy, free market, genocide, government, greg palast, health insurance, impeach, iraq lies, joseph stiglitz, liberal talk radio, naomi klein, neoconservatives, neoliberals, oil spill, President Bush, republican, republicans, right wing, september 11, signing statement, smear tactics, tax stimulus, taxes, telecom immunity, telecommunications act, thom hartmann, universal health care, war, war in iraq

It's nice out, so spend some time outside. But it's going to rain this weekend, too, and before you turn on your TV set and kill a few more brain cells, catch up on these particular treats (I even included a video to help you cope with all the words!)

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Newt Gingrich Fun

chickenhawks, democrats, iraq lies, republicans, war

If you've been to a Starbucks in the past year, you've probably noticed that each cup has a quote from a celebrity or quasi-celebrity (or just an interesting person). Why Starbucks asked Newt Gingrich to contribute to this program is beyond me, but I think it's worth a laugh. And given the current state of our financial system, I think we could all use a laugh right now.

Here's his quote:

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Barack Obama

barack obama, campaign lies, hillary clinton, liberal, muslim, president, presidential race, right wing, smear campagin, smear tactics

So far, the most outrageous "scandal" to hit the Obama campaign has been his relationship with a man by the name of Tony Rezko, and the Clinton campaign has gone out of its way to make the most of this. There's only one problem: Obama has no problem confronting this "scandal." Not only has he confronted it, he's gone out of his way to PROVE his innocence. Recently, he sat down with dozens (dozens!) of reporters at the Chicago Tribune and literally answered EVERY question they had. Every question. He sat there for 96 minutes and literally answered every question thrown at him regarding this so-called "Scandal."

And guess what? When it was all said and done, the editorial board agreed with him. Guess why? You ready? Sit down because this is going to shock you ...

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5 Years in Iraq

5 years, barack obama, campaign lies, hillary clinton, illegal occupation, iraq, iraq war, liberal, muslim, president, presidential race, right wing, smear campagin, smear tactics, war

There's not better way to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the illegal Iraq Occupation than with a birthday cake of truth. Yes, fine citizens, it's time for you to come to grips with the painful truth that often coincides with this particular type of mistake. In this, case, the mistakes came from our so-called "experts" on the Middle East who helped cheerlead us into war.

No doubt you know a lot of people right now who still argue that, given the facts involved, the U.S. had no choice to go into war. "Everyone was fooled," they say. "You can't blame the Bush Administration just because their intelligence was faulty." Others you know might even take it a step further and say, "Well, even the experts believed Iraq was a threat. They went on TV and said so!"

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McIlheran's Follies

al-qaeda, barack obama, campaign lies, hillary clinton, iraq, liberal, muslim, patrick mcilheran, president, presidential race, right wing, smear campagin, smear tactics

I think from now on I'm just going to dedicate my Sunday post to correcting the flaws in columnist Patrick Mcilheran's editorials. Why? Because there are so many, of course! That's flaws, not editorials, for those of you slightly confused.

This week, Patrick made the same dubious claim that there was a connection between al-qaeda and Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Let me state something unequivically to you: Patrick MciIheran is a liar. He is flat-out lying to you and I'm not afraid to state this.

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Tales of a Fragile Surge

chickenhawks, democrats, iraq, iraq lies, republicans, surge, war

The total count of American soldier deaths in Iraq has officially reached 4,000. While John McCain runs around the country convincing people the war in Iraq is going well (and having quite a few "senior moments" to boot), the reality on the ground is much, much different.

The fact of the matter is the "surge" is creating some decreased level of violence in Baghdad, and this makes sense: when you put 30,000 more troops in an area, obviously things are going to improve. But what else is at play here? The fact of the matter is a good portion of the "calm" in Iraq is due in large part to the fact that the Al-Sadr militia is in a ceasefire.

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