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PTSD and Tetris

iraq, post-traumatic stress disorder, ptsd, stress, tetris, trauma

I think this is pretty important, given how few options we have for immediate treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to a new study, playing Tetris following a traumatic event can actually reduce the flashbacks one has following said event. Yes, that's right: playing a video game could actually be used to help soldiers and others suffering from a traumatic event.

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Where Your Tax Money Goes in Iraq

insurgents, iraq, iraq withdrawal, sons of iraq, sunni awakening, tax dollars iraq, taxes, timetable

Do you know what the "Sunni Awakening" is? How about the "Sons of Iraq"? Let's explain this very easily: these are insurgents in Iraq, mainly Sunnis, who have fought against U.S. soldiers and Iraqis. Right before the surge began last year, the U.S. government started PAYING THEM TO LEAVE US ALONE. That's right, the Bush administration is paying tens of thousands of insurgents to stop attacking us. Ten dollars per person per day, $300 a month. Your tax dollars are being used to literally pay off insurgents. What happens, exactly, when we STOP paying them? Does this sound a little "Fragile" to you? Right now, the Iraq government is putting pressure on those "former insurgents" because it sees them as a threat.

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Who's Serving Our Troops?

bush administration, contractors, democrats, electrocuted troops, hallburton, henry waxman, iraq, iraq contractors, iraq oversight, kbr, kbr contaminated water, kbr rape, kbr tax dodging, kellog brown and root, missing money, missing money in iraq, republicans

It's time to sit down and have a very frank talk about the contractors responsible for servicing our troops in Iraq. Thus far, America as a whole has generally looked the other way on a variety of issues, choosing quiet outrage when tens of billions of taxpayer dollars go missing, when reports of rape in companies in Iraq pop up, when reports of contractors playing football with bricks of hundred-dollar bills (more taxpayer money) show up, etc.

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Bush's War

9/11 investigation, Bush, chickenhawks, democrats, iraq, iraq lies, neoconservatives, President Bush, republicans, surge, war

Patriotism is not blindly following leaders. Patriotism means finding the truth and always questioning, no matter what. What's happening in Iraq belongs to the Bush administration. No presidential administration will ever come close to this one, but that won't stop neoconservative historians from whitewashing history. I strongly encourage you to watch Bush's War on Frontline. Know the truth behind this war, and understand that the Bush administration will not fix this problem. The Bush administration will pass this trillion-dollar quagmire onto the next president, and there will be no easy solution.

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McCain's MLK "mistake"

administration, al-qaeda, america, authoritarian, barack obama, Bush, campaign lies, chickenhawks, conservative, conservative radio, conservatives, corporations, delegates, dick cheney, environmentalism, health care, health insurance, healthcare, hillary clinton, illegal occupation, impeach, iraq, iraq lies, iraq war, john edwards, John Kerry, john mccain, joseph stiglitz, journal sentinel, journal-sentinel, liberal, liberal talk radio, liberals, mark belling, market-based, Martin Luther King Jr., medicare, neoconservatives, neoliberals, patrick mcilheran, president, President Bush, presidential race, private health insurance, progressives, reagan, republicans, right wing, Robert wexler, secretary rice, signing statement, smear campagin, smear tactics, super delegates, surge, tax cuts, tax stimulus, universal health care, war in iraq

John McCain's vote against Martin Luther King Day was no mistake, and you need to understand this because race plays a BIG role in the modern conservative movement. It plays a big role because the modern conservatives first began in the late 50's to play on the racism of white Americans in order to turn what was once a very tiny sliver of the Republican Party into what we now know as the GOP.

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Tales of a Fragile Surge

chickenhawks, democrats, iraq, iraq lies, republicans, surge, war

The total count of American soldier deaths in Iraq has officially reached 4,000. While John McCain runs around the country convincing people the war in Iraq is going well (and having quite a few "senior moments" to boot), the reality on the ground is much, much different.

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McIlheran's Follies

al-qaeda, barack obama, campaign lies, hillary clinton, iraq, liberal, muslim, patrick mcilheran, president, presidential race, right wing, smear campagin, smear tactics

I think from now on I'm just going to dedicate my Sunday post to correcting the flaws in columnist Patrick Mcilheran's editorials. Why? Because there are so many, of course! That's flaws, not editorials, for those of you slightly confused.

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5 Years in Iraq

5 years, barack obama, campaign lies, hillary clinton, illegal occupation, iraq, iraq war, liberal, muslim, president, presidential race, right wing, smear campagin, smear tactics, war

There's not better way to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the illegal Iraq Occupation than with a birthday cake of truth. Yes, fine citizens, it's time for you to come to grips with the painful truth that often coincides with this particular type of mistake. In this, case, the mistakes came from our so-called "experts" on the Middle East who helped cheerlead us into war.

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