Hundreds complete Cudahy Classic 5/10

It was hot. It was hot, and tons of awesome fun! The Badgerland Striders Cudahy Classic 5/10 was a huge success. Hundreds of area runners completed the race. A good time was had by all. Beautiful, sunny weather. Thank God for our beautiful Milwaukee County Parks!

Cudahy Classic 5/10 only a few hours away

The Badgerland Striders Cudahy Classic 5/10 is only a few hours away! I am super excited. This is the oldest race in the Club's history. Winding through Sheridan and Warnimont parks, the beautiful scenery is fantastic and this is a really cool course. Stay tuned for more news.

Mountain Lion adds new risk to Cudahy Race

The Cudahy Classic 5/10 is now only 72 hours away! I am doing the 5-mile race and Chris is doing the 10-mile race. Hundreds of runners will meet at Sheridan Park for this annual event. This year's race will be different due to the added risk of being attacked by a mountain lion. Everyone is on edge. There are lots of fast runners, but can they outrun a mountain lion? Because of this danger, I am recommmending the use of BBQ sauce by all runners. Apply the BBQ sauce to your skin, the same way you might apply suntan lotion. That will make you more appealing to the mountain lion, which will make the run safer for me. ( I won't be using it.) I plan on bringing a couple bottles of BBQ sauce and telling people that scientific studies have shown that it makes people run faster. These people are so obsessed with trying to find ways to run faster and I'm a great salesperson. The use of BBQ sauce by the other runners will definitely make it safer for me.

Anytime Fitness Adds 2 New Rooms

Hello Campers! Hope you enjoyed the Fourth and got a chance to see the City of Cudahy Fireworks Display in Sheridan Park! We have been working out at Anytime Fitness in addition to running, walking and bicycling outside. Anytime Fitness has added two new rooms. The first is a room that has jump ropes, stretching bands, mats, free weights and half-ball. The second room is really exciting. My wife calls it the "American Ninja Warrior" room. It is in the back, just past the boxing bag. It has climbing ropes, a peg-board, tires, free weights and a bench-press bench. Heavy lifters and anyone who really wants to increase their upper-body strength will love this room. I used this room last night and Whoo! it is intense conditioning. I am really looking forward to spending some time in the "American Ninja Warrior" room! It has now been two-and-a-half years since I started my weight-training and boxing program and I have gained 15 lbs of muscle. This is proof that weight-training works in middle age. I feel great, sleep great and have tons of energy due to this training program. See you at the gym!

4th of July Fireworks Safety

My friend and Fireworks expert Dean Billo asked me to post the following letter re Fireworks safety: I was hoping you could mention this in your blog. It seems to get the most reads, and I was hoping for a little exposure on this matter. My name is Dean Billo, and I am the organizer of the Cudahy 4th of July fireworks program. Along with Greg and Chris Janish, we coordinate anywhere between 15-20 hand-picked, UNPAID volunteers to coordinate and put on the show. The only reward we receive is the satisfaction of the crowd and the experience of working closely with family and friends on this great holiday. I can't express enough how proud I am of our volunteer crew. They take great pride in this community and the fact that we put on one of the greatest shows for the money in the area. Although they are not paid, they are some of the most dedicated and professional individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. I CARE ABOUT THEM AND THEIR SAFETY. That being said, we could use some help from the community. We put up a fence to keep unauthorized people out of the area. This is for their safety as well as that of the crew. We post signs in two languages warning people to stay out, warning them the bike trail is closed, and offering them a detour. Despite this, people still think it would be fun to get a closer look. This forces us to confront situations taking us away from important tasks at hand. This compromises safety. In past years, people have tried to walk up the bluff to enter the area from the lake. When confronted, one became argumentative and refused to leave the area. We were just about to do a test fire when this occurred. You never know what is going to happen beyond the fence, or when it is going to happen. 'KEEP OUT' is not a request open to interpretation. A fence is not an obstacle to overcome. Our volunteers should not be accosted for enforcing these policies to ensure the safety of the rest of the public, including their own crew members. Please, when you see the fence, the signs, stay out. When you are biking down the trail, go around. Help make this 4th of July celebration safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. Thank you in advance. Enjoy the show! Dean Billo Biology and Chemistry Teacher Assistant Trap Team Coach 4950 S Lake Dr Cudahy, WI 53110 (414) 294-2767 Dean Billo's Website

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