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Bizarre Advertising from YMCA

I gathered my mail today and was completely dumfounded to see a flyer advertising the Milwaukee YMCA. The flyer read: "Make your gym membership count. What would your gym membership mean to you if you knew it meant the world to your community? When you join the Milwaukee Y, reaching your goals helps us reach ours. So while you're getting stronger, you're strengthening Milwaukee. Now is the time to join the Milwaukee Y. Bring this postcard in for a free, one-week family membership. You won't be charged until your one-week trial ends." The flyer then goes on to list the four branches of the Milwaukee Y, none of which are even remotely close to my home. The closest is downtown Milwaukee, in which case I would have to pay for parking ( if I could even find parking at all). What the hell? I could barely believe my eyes when I saw this in my mail. Is this real? I had to check the date to make sure this was not some old piece of mail that somehow got mixed in with my mail. Yep. The date says "Offer ends Feb 14, 2015". Wow ! What a deal! I am so done with you YMCA.

A New Beginning

Monday, Jan. 19th, 2015 we completed our first workout at our new home, Anytime Fitness. We did weight-training machines, boxing, jump rope and I did push-up's on the half-ball. We are looking forward, not backward, and excited to resume our weight-training/fitness program. Stay tuned for more news.

New Day Church to meet at Oak Creek Community Cntr

Faced with the closure of the South Shore Y, New Day Church will be meeting at the Oak Creek Community Center on Howell Ave in Oak Creek. Sunday, Jan. 25 will be the Church's last day at South Shore YMCA. Stay tuned for more news.

Stages of YMCA Grief

It has been a traumatic couple of days. I have gone through the stages of grief: denial, anger, sadness and finally acceptance. The closing of the South Shore Y has been traumatic to me and my family. I have lost sleep and missed work. But finally, acceptance. We spent yesterday afternoon viewing some of the area health clubs and after serious discussion we are planning to join Anytime Fitness next to Pick-n-save. Stay tuned for more news.

A Tragic End to South Shore Y

On Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 my wife and I went to the South Shore YMCA and were shocked to learn that it is closing its doors as of Jan. 31st. I am disappointed, angry and depressed. Yes, we can find another place to work out ... but it will not be the same. It is sort of like when your dog dies and people say, "you can get another dog". It will never be the same, of course, and I can't help feeling that this is the end of an era. I feel like I have been punched in the stomach. I can't sleep and I feel nauseous. Why did this happen? Someone made bad decisions or didn't do their job, and now my family is suffering the consequences. That is not just an inconvenience; it is a major disruption in my life. I first joined the Y when my son was in fifth or sixth grade and they had an "activity night" for teens or pre-teens. Membership was not required for the kids to participate. After seeing the beautiful facility I decided to enroll with a family membership. I have always believed that the family that works out together stays together and my wife, my son and I have worked out at the South Shore Y for the past fifteen years. We have grown to love the staff, the people and it has become an important part of our lives. Not only is the Y a place to see friends and to work out: it is also a place to attend Church. We started attending New Day Church which meets in the Spirit Room at the South Shore Y. We have grown to love this beautiful small Church and the wonderful, friendly people in it. What will be the fate of New Day Church? Obviously, the Church will continue to exist but will need to seek out a new place to meet, with very short notice. This is truly a tragedy. A feel depressed, disappointed and hurt, but mostly angry. I read on the YMCA site that the Y gave away over $3 million last year in scholarships and subsidies. Why? If the organization is financially unsound and forced to sell assets, then why are they at the same time giving away $3 million? Who didn't do their job? Who didn't pay the bills? If the Y was in trouble they should have increased the dues, or cut expenses or, at the very least, cut the scholarships and subsidies. Is my Y being closed in order to pay for others getting free dues at another facility? Why did the financial mismanagement grow to this level? I can't help but feel anger and resentment. I am now forced to start over at another facility. I am sure that, over time, we will grow to love our new place. But I do feel a severe sense of loss. I know I could go to other Y branches but I will probably close my Y membership and go to a different health club. ( hmmm ... won't that result in a loss of income to the Milwaukee Y ? )I just can't accept that this was really necessary. What a sad day. Goodbye South Shore Y and goodbye to all the staff and friends. Thanks for the memories.

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