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Are Veterans Going To Loose This Benefit Too

family, military, retirement, veteran

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Russ Feingold and Medicare Cuts

health, political, retirement, veteran

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If You Think Health Care Is Expensive Now

children, family, Milwaukee, retirement, veteran

Please send the following letter to your Senators and Representative --

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Holler Park Becomes Center for Rain Garden Training

milwaukee, friends, family, Bay View, retirement

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Bonus Army March On Washington D.C.

military, father, political, retirement, veteran

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Fake Check Scams Could Cost You Big Time - Part 1

identity theft, home safety, police, retirement, safety, scams, family

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President and Congress Oppose New Health Care Plan

health, Milwaukee, political, retirement

During the past several weeks we have been bombarded with information about  the President's new health care plan. This plan is suppose to be the answer to providing everyone with the same quality health care regardless of race, color, creed, or economic status.

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Stock Market Tips

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Military Survivor Benifits May Be Cut

life, marine, retirement, veteran


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Work At Home Scams

crime, home safety, identity theft, retirement, scams, thugs

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Democrats Got What They Wished For

Bay View, family, life, political, retirement

Baby Boomers Beware

milwaukee, political, retirement, scams

Rewarding Illegal Behavior is Dangerous

family, political, retirement

Red Alert - G7 Conference

police, retirement, safety

The finance ministers of the G-7 countries are meeting in Washington. The first announcements on the meetings will come this weekend. It is not too extreme to say that the outcome of these meetings could redefine how the financial markets work, certainly for months and perhaps for a generation. The Americans are arguing that the regime of intervention and bailouts be allowed to continue. Others, like the British, are arguing for what in effect would be the nationalization of financial markets on a global scale. It is not clear what will be decided, but it is clear that this meeting matters.

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An Age Old Fable Revisted

family, life, milwaukee, retirement, school

While On a recent trip to Glacier National Park I came across this article written by an unknown person in Tioga, ND. Sound familiar?

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children, family, military, milwaukee, retirement, veteran

Unless our Congress acts within the next 14 days, MEDICARE and TRICARE payments to doctors will be cut by 10.6% in July of 2008. If that comes to pass your access to health care will be much reduced because more doctors will stop seeing MEDICARE and TRICARE patients.

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New International Symbol for Gasoline in USA

humor, retirement, thugs

So . . . . what do you think of the new international symbol for gasoline in the USA?

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President Bush Announces 3 Trillion Dollar Budget

humor, life, retirement

3 Trillion Dollar Budget

This week President Bush announced he was introducing a 3 trillion dollar plus national budget. Do you have any idea how much 3 trillion dollars is?

I for one did not have a clue so I set out on a fact finding mission to try and put into perspective just how much a trillion dollars is.

First off I withdrew one million in $100 bills from my savings account. That was the first million I earned in life. The tellers were shocked and so was my wife.

I learned if you stack 1 million $100 bills on each other that stack is 4 feet tall. Doing the math I learned one billion $100 bills stacked on each other would be 4,000 feet tall. ONE TRILLION $100 bills stacked on each other would be 789 miles tall.

Put another way, 1 trillion $100 bills stacked on each other is equivalent to 144 Mt . Everest’s stacked on each other. Three trillion $100 bills stacked on each other would stretch from the east coast to the west coast of the USA!

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