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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Happy Halloween

 I wish to extend to all Happy Halloween greetings. The children will be going Trick or Treat in our community. It is amazing to see all of the fancy Halloween costumes. Our son, Mark, created a cardboard garbage truck, that was all decorated like a real truck, for Nixon to use for Trick or Treat activities. Dave and Christie had Madie and Kenndel all dressed up for Trick or Treat activities in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. It is fun to look at pictures of the grandchildren at this time of the year. I guess Halloween is mainly a holiday for children, but adults also have their parties. Happy Halloween to all of you.

Going to White Bear Lake Minnesota

  We just came back from a visit to our son, Kurt, and his family on Friday.  Mark and his family also came. Mary and Keven drove us up there. It took about 6 hours to get there, part of the trip was at night. We went to celebrate a birthday party for Sam and Zack, Kurt & Olivia's sons, and to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Kurt & Olivia. Their daughter, Amelia (Mia) is over one year old and enjoyed having us as company. While we were there on Saturday, all of our grandchildren except Mia went swimming at the hotel pool. We had a pizza afterwards. In the early evening, we went over to Kurt & Olivia's House to have some food cooked on the grill. Olivia's parents came and brought some additional food to eat. Bubba (Bill, jr.) and his wife and little one came there. After we ate our meal, the boys opened their birthday presents. Olivia knitted a shawl for Penny for her upcoming birthday. Later on we left and went back to our motel rooms. Penny & I, Mary & Keven, Mark & Tracie with Hayley, Lauren and Nixon, their children, all stayed at the same motel while we were there.

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It is time for the World Series again

 This year we have two wild card teams representing the National and American Leagues. It is amazing to realize that the wild card teams were the ones to make it all of the way to the World Series. We have two teams that have not been in the finals for while. Cudos to the team mangers and to their teams. The Kansas City Royals had a hard struggle to make it to this game. San Francisco Giants have also had a battle to get there. Both teams had to beat higher ranked teams than themselves. Best luck to the winner of this year's World Series.

The leaves are very beautiful at this time

 Have you been to a park lately?  Many of the trees are in full fall color now. This is a very beautiful sight to behold. As we grew up we used to notice the fall tree colors and played in the leaves. Now as we get older, we have to rake up the leaves or turn them into mulch. Children still like to play in the leaves. When you are driving, be alert to leaf piles, and determine if any children are playing inside of them. If you mulch your leaves, you will have good fertilizer for the spring. This is nature's answer to a blanket for your plants for the coming winter. Take the time to observe the beauty of the colors of the leaves before they all fall to the ground.

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Poliitics and advertising

 Are you like me getting sick of all of the political garbage that we are hearing on radio and TV every day. Each candidate is accusing the other of various things of no value. You can tell the character of each candidate as he or she procceds with their ads. It is time to put all of the politics on the side and get back to the business of doing your job. I would like to see some honest politics for a change. If bull crap were currency, the politicians would be billionaires. I know that many of them are major contributers to our Milorganite business. Let get rid of all of the politics for a while. I am getting tired of this.

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