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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Tribute to Bill Doyle

  It is sad to hear of the passing away of Bill Doyle. He was the "Mayor of Bay View". I can remember when he worked in the U. S. Post Office in the Bay View Station. We all worked hard, but Bill knew well how to handle himself. He was a great guy. He used to help his dad, a retired police officer who lost his legs to diabetes, and work with his properties. Bill purchased many properties of his own. After his dad passed away, Bill took over all of his own and his dad's properties. Bill liked to totally rehab properties and either sell them or to rent them out. He had a special gift in this way. With the Endres brothers, they purchased more properties to rehab. If you got one of his properties, you knew that you were getting a good one. Bill was proud of his work and  should have been. His name expressed quality. He retired from the U.S. Post Office and spent the rest of his life working on properties. Many people came to Bill to learn how he did his work as they wanted to copy him.

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We are becoming the murder capitol of the nation

 In recent days, too many shootings are happening in Milwaukee. Many 14, 15, 16, and 17 year old children have been reponsible for some of these shootings. What is causing our young people to murder other people or to rob them. Our local police officers are having a difficult time trying to locate the illegal guns that these children have. When these children commit a crime, they have no mercy on the victim. They invite important black leaders to protect them after they have committed crimes. If a child has a gun and aims it at the police officer it is no wonder why these innocent children get shot. I would hate to be a police officer under these conditions. Let's hope that some humanity comes to our innocent children before they get themselves or others killed.

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The South Shore Farmers Market will reopen in June

 I miss the South Shore Farmers Market. It is a very relaxing place to go to. They will have over 40 vendors in the park. For the most part, the operation of the market is all volunteer, except for two managers who get paid to work. The market is a good place to meet people that you have not seen for a while. The education program is done to hep people gain knowledge; while the music program is done for relaxation. The quality of the products has always been high. The farmers work hard to produce vegetables to sell. Three bakeries have a wide variety of goods to sell. Two coffee shops have excellent coffee. Fresh meat on the grill always draws a good crowd. In other words, I just miss being at the South Shore Farmers Market. I hope to see you in June.

We have some nice weather now

 It has been just lovely outdoors lately. Some warm weather has come, but as usual, it is almost always colder by the lake. This is a good time for Spring cleaning. Rummage sales should be beginning to pop up more and more now. Take the time to search your closets for things that you no longer need. If you don't have a rummage sale, then donate your things to charity. You never know what you have until your accidently find it. I wish you luck with this. Take your time and don't express anger if you can't do it all in one day.

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The Bennett Law

In 1889, one of the first child labor laws was passed with support of the Republican Party and Republican Governor William Dempster Hoard. The Bennett Law was unique in its content. The State Supreme Court ruled that prayer and Bible reading in public schools was unconstitutional. Governor Hoard was alarmed upon learning from the state education superintendant that 40 or 50,000 Wisconsin children went to no school at all and in contrast there were no enrollment figures from the parochial schools. The Bennett Law stated that all children had to go school, but this law had a flaw: all children had to learn the English language. The Bennett Law easily passed the legislature. Objections soon came from German Lutherans and Catholics alike. They contended that this law interfered with their right to educate their children. Wisconsin Catholic Bishops agreed with this opinion.

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