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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

It was a cold November night

 It was a cold November night and we were walking through the woods. Out of the shadows there seemed to be a figure standing there near us. As we got closer, it disappeared from sight. There was a building in the area that appeared to be vacant. There were broken windows and no lights on in the building. At one time it was a jewel to behold, and now it seemed to be abandoned. It started to rain. We decided to take shelter in the building until the rain stopped. It looked as though it was left in situ, as some of the furniture was still inside. On one wall there was a calendar that was twenty years old. It was hard to figure what the building was used for. It might have been a small business that folded. Part of it was a residence. I can imagine a small business out in the woods to be difficult to keep. Could it have been an insurance, real estate, doctors practice, a small hardware & bait, or any other kind of such businesses? As we explored it, we entered the residence portion of it. The majority of the furniture was gone, but some waste material from moving was left behind. It had a large bathroom with a tub on legs and an old sink and toilet. There were empty soda and beer bottles lying about the area. Some of the walls had water damage due to a leaky roof. I am surprised that this building was not kept up as a deer hunter's shelter. We  became scared as we saw shadows as the lightning flashes came. Our imagination sure seemed to be working. As the rain and thunder increased, it seemed as though the building was alive. Noises seem to come from nowhere. When the rain stopped, we were in a hurry to leave the building. We felt relieved to leave this dark shadowy building. We could only imagine what this building was like when it was still active. What kind of lives did the former owners have? It was sad to see a building like this falling apart due to age and nonuse. Now we continued on our walk through the woods and then would head home agin. This was an adventure for us.

Happy birthday to my wife Penny

 I would like to wish for my wife Penny to have a very happy birthday. We have had many years together and I am very happy to have you for my wife. Next May, we will be married 50 years. I hope that you can have the happy birthday that you desire. I love you very much.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

 Thanksgiving is more than just football. It means going to church to give thanks for all that you have. It means have a meal together with family and/or friends. I know that the Green Bay Packers are playing the Chicago Bears at night and even Mike Ditka is wearing Green Bay wear during the McDonalds Ads on TV. I thought that I would never see Chicago Bear Coach Mike Ditka wearing Green Bay Packers clothing and hats and saying, " Go Packers! " McDonalds must be paying him a lot of money for him to support the Packers in TV ads.

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Prepare for Thanksgiving

 By now you should know what you plans are for Thanksgiving. If you are having company at home, you must purchase all of the food you need and prepare your house for visitors. If you are going to somebody elses's house, then you should offer to bring something or help with the preparations for the day. Each person could bring a dish to serve and then afterwards you should offer to help cleanup the kitchen any way that you can. If you are going to a church group or to a restaurant, you won't need to bring anything unless it is requested.

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A story about a bow and arrow hunter

 One day while a man was going bow and arrow hunting, he saw what he thought was the rear end of a deer. He shot the arrow, and man came up yelling that somebody shot him in the rear end while he was defecating. Believe it or not this even actually happened. The victim was very big muscular man who was very tall. He happended to be a boss of mine at the old company. The man had a very hard time living down that event. He used to always mooch cigarettes from people. One day I gave him an exploding cigarette. After that happened, he never again tried to mooch a cigarette from me. He was a great athlete, but his bossing manner left something to be desired. I left that company and never saw that boss again.

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