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Bay View Schools - Positively

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PTA supports parent involvement in the schools

  Parent Teacher Associations and Parent, Teacher, Student Associations are looking for members. PTA is a way for parents to get involved in their children's education process. The National PTA has a lot of  free materials available for parents, students and teachers to use. The purpose of the PTA is to make `parents an active part of educating a child. The school teachers are limited in how much they can do to educate a child. Parent involvement can be a blessing for all concerned. When the parents are involved in this process, it makes the child  ready to advance in his or her studies. This encourages the child to study and become more active with their friends. The bond between parents, child and teacher becomes stronger. The children will show more trust to all involved with this process. Check out your child's school and see if there is a PTA, PTSA or other organization available at your school. Promote your child's education by becoming a part of it. Be a mentor to your child. As your child becomes an adult, he or she will reflect back to this part of their life and the support given to them by their parents and the local PTA. Make your child's memories good ones. Please support the local PTA/PTSA at your child's school. Check out their web site at:

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