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National Parent Teacher Association

PTA's mission is to make every child's potential a reality by empowering families to advocate for all children. By joining and supporting PTA, you give a voice to every child. PTA is not about fundraisers. It is a larger mission to promote the the welfare of children.

The PTA is more than a single chapter. PTA is a welcoming, diverse organization of child advocates devoted to the education and protection of children. PTA empowers families on the local. state and national level. When you are a member of a local PTA, you are also a member of your state PTA and National PTA.

Today's PTA is the vehicle through which engaged parents can accomplish great things for their children and ensure their overall success. PTAs accomplish this many ways: scholarships, anti-bullying programs, health fairs. teacher appreciation banquets, and with advocacy  on their local, state and national level. PTAs remain a relevant, change-making force because these priorities will never fade in importance:

                          * Family engagement in education

                          * Child health and nutrition

                          * Child safety

                          * Educational equality for all children.

PTAs work every day to give a voice to every child. Some efforts are simple, such as the back-to-school "Tailgate Party"  hosted by the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA in Cleveland. Some efforts are massive -- such as New York State PTA's work to secure equitable state aid for education. All efforts address immediate needs that are relevant to the communities served.

Every action of a PTA -- whether it's at the national. state or local level -- pays dividends today and in the future. Where one PTA works, millions of children reap the benefits. You can make a difference too -- join your local PTA or as a national member or donate to National PTA today. Build your child's tomorrow in today's PTA.

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